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Check out "Moj Dilbere", a Bosnian Sevdah song, the first song as part of her World Music Album: Mazi
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F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S
E V E N T S​

Sea Thy Melody Ensemble: Jun 10 

'It was indeed an evening to remember with "The sea thy Ensemble " held enraptured audience in complete captivity. The ambience the aura that was created by the musicians extraordinaire, like in was spellbinding

Piano: Eli Yamin 
Sarod: Soumya Chakraverty
Percussion: Richard Robinson
Guitar: Jeff Nathanson


The rendition of Tagore songs by Somdatta had an ethereal effct. It was time well spent. My congratulations to you for taking joy of Tagore songs beyond the boundary. Sharing Joy doesn't halves it,rather multiplies. 
Looking forward to more of such."




Panel Discussion - Exploring Cultural Heritage through Music

Speaker: Grammy Nominated Flutist Ron Korb

Panel Discussion: Dr. Trineice Robinson, Somdatta Pal,

Dr. Fauzia Farooqui

Venue:  Princeton University
Princeton, United States

Confluence -with Ron Korb - revised (1).

Sangam - An afternoon of three artistic traditions - Tagore, Gospel and Sufi Poetry representing the confluence of artistic traditions

Venue: Taplin Hall, Princeton University
Princeton, United States



UTSARGA - Album Reviews

"Songs of Tagore by Somdatta is a beautiful album.  Her rich voice soars and the instrumentation and arranging is fresh and draws the listener in.  Overall very uplifting to the soul!"                           -- Miss Amy, Grammy Nominee

"The rich, luscious  timbre of Somdatta's voice and her rendering of Tobu Mone Rekho bring tears to one's eyes just as her Megh Boleche Jabo Jabo  is lyrically so evocative."
        --Rita Bhimani, PR veteran

“Thank you Somdatta for the wonderful gift to this world. Being an avid fan of Rabindra Sangeet. I felt deeply with your voice, mood, and vibes of the songs. UTSARGA is very refreshing, a breath of fresh air.”
    -- Rupam Sarmah,  Composer, Performer & Film Director

"Somdatta has a mellifluous voice and has rendered the songs with the right kind of expression. The arrangement is tastefully done."
    -- Prabuddha Banerjee, Music Director

“My sincere appreciation for the sincerity and effort of Somdatta’s rendering in Utsarga”       

                 -- Mamata Shankar, Dancer, Choreographer, Actress, Director




Tara TV Kolkata - A presentation of Tagore songs on the sets of Tara TV as part of the music program

"Aaj Sakaler Amontrone" ("This morning's invitation")
Kolkata, India




Tagore Meets Gospel - A demonstration and dialogue exploring 2 genres of music - Gospel and Tagore's music  accompanied with Urdu Sufi Poetry Reading

Venue: Turning Point United Methodist Church
Trenton, New Jersey, United States




An evening of Tagore music on the occasion of the Bengali New Year ("Poila Baisakh") organized by Jubilee Club
Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, United States

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